Oracle Taleo Cloud Services

Veebrij is your ideal one stop shop for all your Taleo requirements. Veebrij’s Oracle Taleo Cloud Implementation services for Taleo Enterpise Edition & Taleo Business Edition (TBE)





We provide Consulting, Implementation, Support & Training solutions for complete Oracle Taleo product suite:

  • Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Onboarding Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Performance Management Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Goals Management Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Succession Planning Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Development Planning Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service
  • Fusion Workforce Compensation

Contact us to know more on how the best practices of Oracle Taleo could be leveraged for your organization’s talent management strategy.


Our standard Taleo Fixed-Scope Implementation for TEE and TBE makes you ready to leverage Taleo for business gains

Go live with Taleo Recruiting and Onboarding in as little as 4 weeks for £9000
Our consultants bring extensive Oracle Taleo skills and years of Oracle product implementation experience to help you quickly stand up your Taleo application. As part of this rapid implementation process, Veebrij will:

  • Review and document your current and desired future state recruiting and onboarding processes
  • Develop a functional and technical strategy
  • Implement Taleo based on the developed strategies
  • Develop and deliver training specific to your new Taleo recruiting system
  • Provide Onsite & Offshore resources as when needed for support

For full details of our fixed price, fixed scope Taleo implementation service contact us.

Oracle Taleo & TBE – Social Sourcing and Community Connect
Veerij’s Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud Implementation allows you to:

  • Increase employee referrals using social media
  • Run targeted recruitment marketing campaigns
  • Easily post open jobs to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Let passive candidates join your talent community
  • Make your job posts mobile-friendly
  • Track and report on all of your social recruiting activity from one dashboard
  • Deliver a user-friendly interface to end users and administrators

For full details of our Taleo fixed price, fixed scope Taleo & TBE – Social Sourcing and Community Connect solutions contact us.


Our standard Oracle Taleo & TBE Fixed price, fixed scope upgrades for TEE and TBE ensure you always stay ahead of the curve
Maintenance Pack, Upgrades & Enhancements:
Our consultants evaluate upcoming maintenance packs as they are released and make sure our customer always

  • Assess value of new functionality and determine viability/impact to clients
  • Thorough testing in staging zone (TEE)
  • Review potential business process change(s) and impacts of change(s)
  • Ongoing assessment of current configurations
  • As-needed changes (UDF, CSW, LUDS)

Veebrij’s expertise in end-to-end regression and user acceptance testing enables us to complete upgrade projects on time & within budget
We provide detailed Fit Gap analysis whever needed. Our virtual and/or classroom based training on new functionality helps our customers stay ahead of Taleo product curves.
We provide regular training documentations, user guides and various other transitional documents.



For FREE trail or know more details of our Oracle Taleo & TBE fixed scope-fixed pricing packages contact-us.


Veebrij Taleo Managed Services offers skilled experts to maintain and optimize your Oracle Taleo Cloud Service, so that you don’t have to. This tailored program is ideal for organizations that have limited in-house resources to administer, manage and optimize the use of Oracle Taleo Cloud Service.

Let Veebrij Taleo experts maintain your solution
Whether you use Veebrij Taleo Managed Services to supplement your internal resources or to act as the primary, dedicated administrator for your Oracle Taleo & TBE cloude service, you can


Eliminate the Need for a Dedicated Resource
For customers without existing internal resources, Veebrij Taleo managed services can eliminate the need for a dedicated full time resource. Use the service whenever you require to suppliement existing resources and to accelerate the completion of projects such as version migration, product rollouts and deployments to new geographies.


Complete Projects More Efficiently and Effectively
Veebrij Taleo Managed Service provides the fastest way to bring deep Oracle Taleo Cloud Service expertise into your organisation to make your project run faster and smoother. Veerbij Taleo experts keep their skills current through continuous learning through which they make sure you are always ahead of the curve.


Keep Internal Resources Focused on Strategic Projects
Keep your HR practitioners focused on important activities and internal IT resources focused on larger initiatives by turning over the day-to-day administration of Oracle Taleo Cloud Service to Veebrij taleo experts. With Veebrij Taleo managed Services, you get ongoing support for daily maintenance as well as additional support for new-project rollouts


Choose Ongoing Administration or OnDemand Services
Veebrij offers either ongoing packages or OnDemand hours for Oracle Taleo Managed Services. For more predicable budgeting and support, the ongoing administration program includes a named Veebrij Taleo expert who provides support for a specific number of months. For unanticipated gaps in resources or capabilities, the Veebrij OnDemand program provides immediate Taleo support.


Veebrij’s highly experienced and certified Taleo system administrators can fill resource gaps quickly, lower your administration costs, and help you rapidly achieve your ROI objectives, contact us to know more about our remote or on-site Taleo system administration offering.


Purchasing and rolling out a world class Talent Management solution won’t help you achieve Talent Intelligence alone. Your people need to know how to use it, fully apply its functionality, and understand its connection to your business. Veebrij helps you create and deliver learning programs that not only develop and increase skills, but speed user adoption and help facilitate organizational change management.

Veebrij Taleo Training Services
Veebrij offers a full complement of training products and services to support the success of either your Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service or Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service talent management solution. We have the depth of expertise with Taleo software and with talent management business processes to tailor or customize a program to support your specific Taleo implementation. The flexibility of our options ensures you get the best solution for your organization.

  • Training Courses, Libraries, and Value Packages
  • Train-the-Trainer Program
  • Job Aids
  • Tool Kits
  • User Adoption Services


Training Courses, Libraries, and Value Packages
Veebrij Taleo trainings are available in a variety of delivery formats to provide you with convenience and flexibility. Whether you train at one of our global Learning Centers or prefer to access hands-on training from your desktop, we go to great lengths to make sure you receive the highest quality learning experience. All our courses are provided with 100% money back guaranty.


Train-the-Trainer Program
Veebrij’s expert consultants will coach your internal training team on your Taleo talent management solution so that your team can successfully deliver training programs throughout your organization in a cost effective manner. Our flexible Train-the-Trainer options, tools, and best practices provide different levels of involvement depending upon your needs, capabilities, and capacity.

Job Aids
Veebrij’s quick reference templates guide users how to access, navigate, and complete key tasks within a Taleo Application. Save your team time and eliminate uncertainty by providing these handy resources.

Tool Kits
We can make professional training materials available to you in the form of Tool Kits that help simplify and support your Taleo application training events. Each Tool Kit provides core participant materials in an editable, soft copy format, so that you can tailor the content to your needs, including:
• Course Preparation
• Job Aids
• Workbook Exercises

User Adoption Services
For specific training objectives and rollout plans, we offer specialized training consulting services for small and large talent management initiatives. Our experts work in partnership with your team to guide and support the design, development, and delivery of a learning program that meets your objectives.
• Learning Program Design: Explore stakeholder groups, skills objectives, and work processes for each group, find gaps, develop best methods for initial and reinforcement learning, and develop a logical progression of learning activities.
• Education Consulting and Content Scoping: We design customized learning programs to meet your needs and drive results, providing best practices recommendations for content development, delivery, and assessment methodologies.
• Online Courses: Veebrij develops highly interactive, hands-on (via software simulation), customer tailored online courses that provide cost effective training and support for Taleo products.

For more details on our Oracle Taleo & TBE training services contact-us.





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