Talent Management for the Enterprise

Leading organizations worldwide use Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service to hire the best people, align them to corporate objectives, and develop their skills to drive superior business results. Veebrij’s deep Taleo expertise helps most demanding enterprises meet their talent management needs and maintain global consistency and local flexibility.


On top of Taleo Recruiting, Onboarding, Learn & Performance Management cloud offerings Veebrij offers implementation & support services for Development Planning, Social Sourcing, Goals Management, Succession Planning & Taleo Mobile Solutions





Our experience on Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) has led us to conclude that it is the perfect HR solution for large & medium size organisations having a strong focus on Talent Management for its :

Best in class Talent Integilance offering
Best ‘enterprise wide practices & global business process’ adoption
Ability to deal with Complexity, Flexibility and scalability
Upgrade ease
Integration ease with other ERP’s
Social Network Integration
Mobile Usage

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Our standard Taleo Development Planning Cloud service includes following set-up

Targeted Development Plans
Link activities to goals, reviews, succession plans, and career plans. Make development plans living, breathing documents that are regularly reviewed by employees.


Integrate with Learning                                                                                                              Seamlessly incorporate structured training with blended programs that use formal and informal learning. Tap into over 30,000 formal learning activities to jump-start development.


Mentoring                                                                                                                            Improve employee engagement and increase the quality of the leadership pipeline. Assign mentors who can share institutional knowledge and guide development.


Social Feedback
Help employees create high-impact development plans by sharing feedback on development activities.


Employee-Directed Career Plans
Give employees the tools to actively direct their own career paths within the organization. Prepare employees for their next career step by enabling them to identify development opportunities using gap analysis tools.


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Our standard Taleo Goals Management Cloud Service includes following set-up

Goal Alignment
Gain visual insight into goal alignment across the organization using intuitive, on-the-fly filtering capabilities in Taleo’s Talent Browser


Make the goal creation process easier and more impactful with our SMART Goal Wizard


Cascading Goals
Tie strategic initiatives to the whole organization more effectively


Tailored Workflows
Tailor goal plans and forms to fit unique functional, organizational, and geographic requirements


Continuous Feedback
Improve performance and accelerate goal progress through collaboration and continuous feedback


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Our standard Taleo Succession Planning Cloud Service includes following set-up

Comprehensive Succession Plans
Confidently create backfill strategies using data captured in the recruiting and performance review processes coupled with individual career plans. Include external candidates to ensure the best fit candidates are identified.


Talent Pools
Assign and track development progress for critical roles and employee populations. Facilitate talent mobility and internal hiring by giving recruiters visibility into talent pools.


Interactive 9-Box Matrix
Instantly access key metrics like bench strength. Drag and drop employees for on-the-fly talent calibration. Drill down into specific cells to take immediate action.


Candidate Comparisons
Quickly identify the best fit talent by displaying multiple talent profiles side-by-side.


Embedded Analytics
Provide executive-level visibility into key performance metrics. Allow managers to quickly segment and benchmark pools of employees with analytics and visualization tools embedded at the point of action.


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Our Standard Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing Implementation includes following set-up

Social Recruiting Implementation
By leveraging Taleo social recruiting you not only enhance your recruitment processes to next generation standards but also enhance ability to calculate merit-based salary and bonus adjustments based on sound performance data.

Social media holds limitless potential to address recruiting challenges. Veebrij’s Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing Implementation
enables you to use social media to
• Run targeted recruitment marketing campaigns
• Socialize your career site
• Easily post jobs to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
• Increase employee referrals with social media
• Let passive candidates join your talent community
• Make your job posts mobile-friendly
• Track and report on all of your social recruiting activity from one dashboard
• Deliver a user-friendly interface to end users and administrators
• Let Analytic good data drive your social recruiting strategy
Social Job Distribution
Send new job listings, links, and status updates to an unlimited number of Facebook pages and Twitter handles. You can also share jobs on your personal networks. Schedule future postings on a “set it and forget it” basis. The Social Job Distribution feature lets you easily post jobs via social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Social Employee Referral Program
Engage your company’s employees and help them share job openings with their personal networks. Increase participation in employee referral programs and the number of referral applicants.

Social Career Site
For better user experience and referral functionality, wrap your corporate design around the functionality of Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud Service’s job portal. Quickly and easily create a social, mobile, searchable job portal inside your career Website.

Talent Community
Push job alerts and company communications to an engaged community of interested candidates. This new edge features let’s you target right blogs and forums to find experts.

Facebook Job Page
Broadcast relevant jobs to your company’s existing base of fans and followers—maximizing the value of your brand’s social connections.

Taleo Mobile
Veebrij Taleo mobile implementation can instantly transform every job post on your career site into a mobile job post that’s easily viewable and sharable on smartphones such as Android, iPhone, and Blackberry devices.
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