Oracle Taleo – Report Interface Does Not Load Properly in Modify Mode on Specific Reports

Published June 26, 2014

When loading the report in Modify Mode, the report appears to initially load properly, but when the report load is completed, the interface appears incomplete.  Menu bars at the top will appear normally, but the left-side frame where report objects and components are listed does not load properly showing a blank white background with the divisor bar between report and left-side frame..  If a user clicks into the left-side frame, there are occasional interface elements that appear, but otherwise the left pane is unusable.

This issue is caused by a specific build of Java not properly interfacing with extremely specific components found in Business Objects.  This issue can, and will, appear on specific reports only, as this improper interaction is sourced by the browser’s inability to process specific instructions from the Java Runtime Suite installed on the affected system.

This issue is more common on Internet Explorer.  Mozilla / Firefox browsers did not reproduce this issue during testing.

The specific version of Java that appears to cause this issue is    1.6.0 u 45

If you encounter this behavior, it will be necessary to change the version of Java on the affected system.

Please follow the instructions below in order to resolve this issue:

  1. Uninstall JRE 1.6.0 u 45.
    1. This is done in the Control Panel of the affected system, under the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ or ‘Programs and Features’ snap-in, varying by the build of Windows on your system.
    2. You may require intervention from your corporate IT department in the event you cannot remove this program.
  2. Navigate to the Java Archive and download JRE 1.6.0 u 43 from this link
  3. It is recommended to download the offline installer for Windows from this list.
  4. Install the 1.6.0 u 43 package obtained from the site.
  5. After installation, please ensure that you configure your Java install as per our configuration and technical requirements guide.
  6. After the configuration is complete, reboot the affected system.

The report will load properly after the Java version change and will have full functionality.
Thanks !!


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