Oracle Taleo: – Pop-Up Message Appears When Clicking on Course Exit Button

Published June 25, 2014

Recently we noticed one thing while configuring Oracle Taleo  ,  when the user clicks on the Exit button at the end of a course, the following pop-up message appears:

To avoid this unnecessary pop-up  , Use the “Your Course Link” dynamic object to create the link to the course on the LearnCenter page, rather than using the “Insert Hyperlink” icon from the WYSIWYG Editor’s tool bar.
This will ensure that the link code is properly formed.

To insert the “Your Course Link” dynamic object follow these steps :-

  1. Access the LearnCenter’s Online Help by clicking on the blue circle/question mark icon at the upper right of the Control Panel and refer to the section “Dynamic Objects > Inserting Dynamic Objects.”
  2. Expand the “Classes/Courses” option type (Step 4 of the instructions).
  3. Select the “Your Course Link” dynamic object (Step 5 of the instructions).
  4. In the dynamic object wizard at Step 1, click on the down arrow and select the desired course from the drop-down window.  (Note that only the courses owned by the logged-in user will appear in the list.)
  5. In the dynamic object wizard at Step 2, type the text of the link, as it should appear on the LearnCenter page.
  6. Click “Return Selected” and the link will appear on the page in the WYSIWYG Editor.
  7. Click Save to save the change to the page.
  8. Click on the Preview icon in the Management Tools to see the link on the page

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