Oracle Taleo – Adding Values to a Passport Result Field

Published July 1, 2014

In this post we will see that how we can add value to a Passport Result Field.

Passport Partner has a list of possible results to be added to the existing list.
E.g. New values for the Band result field.

Find the field and its type.

    1. Go to Configuration / Recruiting – Administration / Integration – Screening Services.
    2. Click the service name.
    3. Under Result Fields, find the desired fields click the code.
    4. Note the Domain.

If the domain is Text, Multilingual Text or Number, then the field will accept any value sent by the partner as long as it has the correct type. If the domain is something else, then it’s based on a selection list.

Find the selection list and add the values.

  1. Go back to Taleo Recruiting Administration.
  2. Go to Fields – Selection Lists.
  3. Click tabs Large Selections and Custom.
  4. Look for the selection by name using the domain noted above.
    • If more than one selection name matches the domain, use the code to distinguish. If still unsure, ask Support for assistance.
  5. Click the number at the right of the selection’s row.

Add new elements to the selection. The value provided by the partner must be used as the Code. The name is what will be displayed in the application.
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