Experts whom you Interview, Select & Manage

Veebrij has a nag of keeping things simple. We truly believe in mutual growth through partnership. Through our off-shoring model absolutely nothing is grey, Our customers have full control over their resources & their performance and we take care of all off-shoring hassles.
It all starts from you giving us your offshore recourse requirement. Once we get the requirement our in house resourcing team gives you shortlisted resources for interview, if you don’t like any of those we keep on aligning interviews till you like the one, once you confirm your candidate we bring the person on-board and the person starts operating from one of our offices dedicatedly for you, from this point onwards you pay pre-agreed fixed charges and manage resource operationally, We take on all off-shoring hassles. We have several customers who are fully satisfied with our off-shoring service on this model.



Here are few os the benefits of choosing Veebrij as your off-shoring partner


No conflict of interest with your offshore resource performance
Off-shoring companies who supply resources on T&M model or project model have vested interest in prolonging the project or creating several enhancement request to get further business. We do not involve ourselves in your project activities, delivery & performance. The resource directly work under your leads and managers and they manage the person. That way they get very close visibility to what’s being done from offshore
Leverage Indian Resources without offshore challenges
Few of customers first tried opening there own offices in India, taking up all the off-shoring hassles and putting lot of money just to sort out local admin staff to get full control of off-shoring resources. Spending thousands on at least fifty things to setup offshore office dents their pockets before they could actually utilize any offshore resource. With us, customer can get started On-Demand, without any long term contract and start benefiting from Offshore resources from Day 1.
Offshore & On site delivery
All our customers resources can be called on-site anytime for critical phases of their project. We manage complete process and make sure customers requirements are rightly met
You Tools, Processes & People
Resources working dedicatedly for you use all your tools & processes. Though we have all HR, project management, service desk and other tools available in house but we do not impose any of our in house tools on your resources.
Shift Flexibility
Our offices are operational 24×7 and depending on your requirement all resources are communicated upfront on your working shift requirements. You have full control on when your resource work and on what.
All our rate cards are very aggressive, there are no hidden charges on any of our resourcing services. So be rest assured, there won’t be any surprises once you start using your resource. This gives you opportunity to plan spending your offshore resources accurately.
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