Is Amazon AWS Oracle RDS best option? Think again

Published June 10, 2013

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I have recently visited company in UK who like smaller mid size company always looking to reduce their IT cost migrated to Amazon RDS (Ireland) data center and now struggling with many issues. Here are some points I hear commonly from British companies opting for Amazon RDS database hosting.

a) They loose all the control on administration.. This can be good for lot of companies.. I mean, who wants to manage something which can be professionally managed by somebody else. But, the fact that you can not use Amazon RDS without hiring/contracting DBAs means the person you hire can not do any job except to monitor AWS RDS portal. That’s a waste


b) Issue resolution time by Amazon RDS (remote DBA team) – This can be big concern as most of the companies I have visited in past do raise this as a concern. It seems, There is lot

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of wait/lead time for trivial issues as well. Which On-site/other remote DBA team with bit less workload (parallel task) should be able to manage far better.


c) No dedicated management contact/DBAs – Lot of time issue/incident can be resolved lot quickly by DBAs by having small discussion on what happened, knowing what was done and having knowledge about customer support/business process. In absence of this knowledge. It’s always reinventing the wheel everytime.

d) Customization support – As Amazon DBAs can not be used for your internal project work the add on cost needs to be figured in before migration and not after 🙂

e) Integration handling – Organizations who are using Oracle database from long could have integrated it with several other application. This integration should be managed well or other mitigation plans should be derived before migration which could potentially work fine or have issues after the database has gone live on Amazon AWS.


In a nutshell.. Only direct cost & efforts are not enough to drive your decision for Amazon RDS migration and you should consider lot of other in house factors as well.


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