Oracle Taleo -Default Value Custom User Field Appears On the User Properties Screen But Does Not Appear In Reports ?

Published June 24, 2014

This post is about this error related to the custom user field in Oracle Taleo .

The Error is  when we set the default value in a custom user field and then users are bulk-imported with no value populated in that field, the default value will display in that field when the User Properties screen is viewed, but the default value But Does Not Appear When That Field Is Included In Reports .

This is a tricky situation as we can see the value of this filed on User Properties screen , but when we try to generate Reports which uses this field it simply doesn’t appear on the Reports page .

The reason is that the default value in a custom user field was designed for use when displaying the User Properties to the user in a situation where the user is allowed to change the field values. The default value will be visible on the User Properties screen as the initial value but it will not be saved to the database unless the User Properties screen is saved without the default value being changed.

When bulk-importing user data, if the custom user field is left blank, that causes a NULL value to be populated in the database for that field, and since the field is not actually populated in the database until the “Save” action takes place, there is no data in that field to display in a report.

The conclusion is very simple as the reports fetch the data from the database and if the database is not updated for this particular field , reports will not be able to show the value for that field(as this field was not updated in database).

So to avoid any such error , click “Save” to populate the default value in the database when the User Properties screen is viewed.

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