About Veebrij

Are you ready for something refreshingly different? Would you like to talk to someone who understands your business and can deliver a joined up service that adds value to your organisation?

Veebrij is a Oracle technology & service company, always leveraging very latest technologies in the world to deliver world class service to our customers. It provides Oracle Cloud Service, Oracle consulting, Oracle staffing solutions, web development and mobile development to clients around the world, including many Small and Medium size enterprises & large customers like BT & TCS. Veebrij creates value for clients by successfully integrating people, processes and technology. It is committed to long term collaboration, applying insight to create innovative answers to clients’ business needs.

Global Partners & Alliances

Working at peak performance is what you strive for. What if you could achieve it faster, and with less effort? Working smarter, not harder. Putting more of your resources behind securing new business and being more profitable.

It’s easily achievable when your best interests are put first. We’ll work with you to discuss the solution – or combination of solutions – that’s best for you. We’ll do so through our premier partnerships with the largest and most experienced solution providers in the market such as Oracle, Amazon, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Verizon, Rackspace, etc. Also through our network of specialised partners, who’ll drill down and deliver the added value that’s specific to your market sector.

We’ll use our understanding of both your local and global challenges to deliver the solution and the service that perfectly matches your exacting business requirements. So you reduce your costs and speed time-to-market, to establish a competitive advantage. Let’s collaborate so we can innovate.

Veebrij Values

At Veebrij, our people are our greatest asset and the reason for our growth and success. Our company culture reaches across people in 8 countries. We live by our values and make them part of everything that we do. Veebrij people are committed, innovative and open.


…to our Clients…

We are committed to long-term collaboration with you and your partners, supporting your success as your organisation evolves.

…as individuals…

I am committed to my client. I am driven and will go the extra mile for my clients and my colleagues. I focus on outcomes and deliver against them; yet I am flexible and responsive to the needs of my clients and my team.

…as Veebrij…

We are an ambitious company: ambitious for our clients and for each other. We support our people so that they may continuously develop their practical expert knowledge about people, business and technology, and bring this to life through exciting ideas and a reliable service to clients worldwide.


…for our Clients…

Our people apply insight to create innovative answers to your business needs. We understand your business and culture and have an expert, practical knowledge of technology and systems.

…as individuals…

I never stop learning. I work with clients and colleagues to deliver outstanding outcomes. I seize the initiative, and always look for ways to improve the service we deliver to clients.

…as Veebrij…

We inspire our people so they can bring out the best in themselves. We encourage them to improve at every opportunity and look to the future for great ideas.


…towards our Clients…

We openly engage on all levels, listening and exploring. We deliver what you need, seamlessly wherever you need.

…as individuals…

I am a team player. I willingly share what I know with colleagues across Veebrij. I listen to my clients and colleagues and am responsive to their ideas. I give honest feedback and support to all those I work with.

…inside Veebrij…

We provide a working environment where collaboration, networking and learning are at the heart of the way we do business. We work across borders and cultures, and develop people with the confidence to speak out in the interests of our clients.

Sustainability At Veebrij

We strive to contribute to a more sustainable eco-system

We’re driven by our commitment to living in a sustainable society and being a sustainable business on a sustainable planet.

Through internal awareness programmes, the efforts of our people, and by harnessing technology, we are reducing the energy, carbon and resource impact of our business. We can power down our systems overnight and at weekends and use virtualisation to share servers in our data centres. We ‘Work Smartly‘, using collaborative technology to reduce commuting and business travel. And we’re switching to more sustainable sources of electricity.

Our commitment to sustainability is broader than the environment. For example, our community programme enables us to support local and international communities by giving them access to education through the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) skills of our people.

Our transformation journey is underway, but there is a lot more that we want to do. We look forward to sharing lessons learned and playing a pivotal role in driving positive change within our eco-system.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Lowest Price
Our price checkers guarantee that we bring you the lowest prices possible for every services, and that’s a promise. However, if you happen to find a cheaper advertised price on any identical offering with our competitor – even through special discount , we will not only match it, we’ll beat it by 10%. NB: – Actual price of our service online may be even lower than advertised, as we constantly check our prices to make sure ours are the lowest, So do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I redeem my 10% reduction?

You can redeem the Lowest Price Guarantee (LPG) by sending your quote to our sales team anytime before closing the deal. LPG only applies to service which is same or similar to service provided by Veebrij in all or most of respects.

What services does the 10% reduction apply to?

All identical services with identical terms and conditions that are offered by Veebrij and offered by our competitor. Our customers & Veebrij, both reserve right to gauge service similarity.

What items are excluded from the LPG?

  • Oracle Product Licenses (though we try very hard to match or beat Oracle License quote but we do not guarantee on this)
  • Package deals i.e. License and service or support bundles
  • Any service directly procured from any of our vendors at different rate card
  • Any service which do not meet all quality standards followed at Veebrij

For further information please mail us and our sales team will be able to assist you with your query.




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